A biography of louis satchmo armstrong a jazz musician

Louis armstrong, nicknamed satchmo, pops and, later, ambassador satch, was born in 1901 in new orleans, louisiana an all-star virtuoso, he came to prominence in the 1920s, influencing countless musicians with both his daring trumpet style and unique vocals. Louis armstrong was a superstar, long before andy warhol popularised the phrase pops visited more countries around the world than any of his contemporaries, at a time when foreign travel by musicians was headline news the fact that louis armstrong was a jazzman makes his achievements remarkable.

Armstrong popularized the scat style of singing and remains one of jazz's most important and influential musicians he was a member of king oliver's band in the 1920s, and he formed several bands of his own, namely the hot fives and sevens. Armstrong's nickname satchmo was an abbreviation of satchelmouth, a comical depiction of his mouth over the next decade, armstrong keenly promoted jazz music by playing on broadway and on visitations to england and france.

Louis armstrong: biography & musician born in august 1901 (not independence day 1900, as he was always told and believed), louis armstrong sang on the new orleans streets in a boyhood quartet and in 1913 was admitted to the colored waifs’ home for firing a gun into the air.

Determined to become a musician, armstrong frequented many honky-tonks and dance halls which led him to joe oliver who became a pivotal figure taking on the role of mentor, teacher and father to louis and above all, at age 18, a member of the kid ory band oliver now a well known jazz artist in chicago, illinois, asked armstrong to join his band at lincoln gardens in 1922 where he made his first recordings. Following a highly successful small-group jazz concert at new york town hall on may 17, 1947, featuring armstrong with trombonist/singer jack teagarden, armstrong's manager, joe glaser dissolved the armstrong big band on august 13, 1947, and established a six-piece traditional jazz group featuring armstrong with (initially) teagarden, earl hines and other top swing and dixieland musicians, most of whom were previously leaders of big bands.

A biography of louis satchmo armstrong a jazz musician

Louis armstrong, who passed away 45 years ago, is the most famous jazz musician of all time in addition to his hundreds of recordings, he is remembered by most as a lovable and humorous character who can be seen in a dozen hollywood films and on a variety of television appearances that show up on you tube. Louis armstrong (august 4, 1901–july 6, 1971), also known as pops and satchmo, pioneered jazz music as both a trumpet player and vocalist armstrong created a musical style and image that reflected his times and served as a catalyst for cultural change. Louis armstrong was the first important soloist to emerge in jazz, and he became the most influential musician in the music's history as a trumpet virtuoso, his playing, beginning with the 1920s studio recordings made with his hot five and hot seven ensembles, charted a future for jazz in highly imaginative, emotionally charged improvisation for this, he is revered by jazz fans.

By the 1940s, the era of the big band was over and armstrong organized a small band called the louis armstrong all stars, which became one of the most well known jazz groups in history, playing in many countries in clubs, festivals and concert halls until disbanding just prior to the death of armstrong.

a biography of louis satchmo armstrong a jazz musician Satchmo became armstrong's nickname after his 1932 grand tour of europe a london music magazine editor wrote satchmo in an article -- probably because he could not read his garbled notes up until that time, armstrong's nickname was satchelmouth.
A biography of louis satchmo armstrong a jazz musician
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